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Cathy’s Star Quilt

This beautiful quilt is on its way back to Oklahoma. I think it turned out so pretty! Since our move, sale of our old home, and renovation of our new home, I have had precious little time to devote to quilting. As much as I wanted to spend my days piecing and quilting, I just didn’t have the time. After I loaded this quilt I wondered if I would be able to remember how to use a ruler! LOL! Well I guess it came back to me, didn’t it. I used many rulers on this quilt, with the exception of one, all of them were Linda Hrcka’s Quilted Pineapple rulers. I love them! There was very little marking involved. Just some chalk lines, and occasionally my air erasable Marvy markers. Thank you for looking!


Using Quilting Tools for Hanging Pictures

I can’t tell you how many times I have turned to my quilting tools with our renovation, and move to our new home. For example I’m trying to hang four pictures on a wall that has unique lines, and I found my quilting ruler to be the perfect way to help me to cut freezer paper and then I will hang the freezer paper up with masking tape to mark my holes. I don’t want to have eight or nine or 20 different holes in this wall. Ask me how I know.

Stay tuned for a photo of the finished wall.

Oh! How have you used quilting tools for non-quilty tasks? Please share here.

Tour My New Quilting Space With Me?

We moved in about six weeks ago and I’ve been working out of boxes and fumbling around for long enough. I finally carved out some time to get my quilting space organized and all my boxes unpacked. (We’ve been painting and renovating the new house, and hired contractors to create a new kitchen and install new flooring upstairs).

The First picture is my favorite spot in the studio. Note the cute church pew that my daughter refinished and gave me for Christmas a few years ago, above that is my design wall with a collage that I’m working on, as well as some double wedding ring vintage blocks that were given to me last year. I hope to work on those this year.

This picture is an overview of the entire space. It’s what you see when you first get to the bottom of the stairs

Look at how bright it is! We just traded out some smaller halogen lights for some large bold LED lights, and what a difference it made!

As I am previewing this blog post I see lots of interesting things laying around on the floor which you may wonder about. A stack of cherry stairs, that will be installed later this month, as well as my dog’s bed. He can lay down stairs with me and be comfy.

Getting a closer view…

Here’s the other half of the room…

My stash in the picture below… Yes! This is my entire stash on the top two shelves. Well… except for a small box of Kaffe Fassett shot cottons, my gradient pieces and my silk pieces. But those aren’t very big. (I also have one bin of old floral fabric that was donated to me, large pieces for backings for when I do comfort quilts or charity quilts. Below my stash is some junk that I need to clean up some bags of things that I can’t part with but not sure what I want to do with them.

Here is the cutting and ironing area. We installed a shop light so I have super bright light in that areaI Have room for two, count them, two sewing machines!

Nothing special About the shelf except that it contains some of my prized possessions; my machine quilting class notes/books and my accumulation of drawings for quilt designs.My View! From here I can see bunnies, deer, squirrels, pheasants and beautiful sunsets!

My wall of notions. Below the pegboard storage is my grandma’s dresser full of threads.As you can see I still have things to put away and make it less cluttered, but it’s so much better than it was a month ago. The best part of it all…It’s soooo much bigger than my quilting space in the last house. I can walk all the way around my quilting machine.

Well thanks for taking the tour with me!

Making the Move

Oh, my, I’ve lost my mind. I convinced my husband to sell our house and buy the house across the street. It’s a fixer upper, too. We’ve been in this house not quite three years. Just feeling settled, actually, what with all the travel that we do between California and Montana.

I’ve been working at the other house painting and working with contractors to design a new kitchen pick out flooring, and new paint colors. We are trying to do as much of the work as we can on our own.

So my quilting room is bare and we will begin dismantling my machine and about an hour. The bad news is we have to pretty much take it all apart to get it out of the room, but the good news is that we can just walk it down the street.

I haven’t been able to do anything quilting in almost 2 months with travel and painting and work on the new home. It’s a fixer-upper.

EQ7 -Finally taking the Leap

I’ve been reading Facebook posts of other people’s creations in EQ7, and feeling frustrated with my lack of progress in learning that software. So I forced myself to sit down and play around with the program a little bit. I created a quilt in two different colorways. I’m very happy with myself! Of course, they’re very simple, but you have to start somewhere, right?

I started out with graph paper, and a pencil but I wanted to make the program do the math work.  Now I just have to make the quilt, lol. Finding time for that will be difficult. 

How about you? Do you use software to design quilts? What do you use? I’d love to hear. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Pantograph Quilting

A few weeks ago, I did some quilting for friends/customers.  I think they look fantastic, and just more proof that many quilts benefit from pantos rather than custom quilting.    This first quilt, in particular, might look great with custom quilting, but if your budget doesn’t allow for it, I think this panto looks fantastic on this top, and makes it soft and comfy.  

The next three quilts were all done with the same panto.  I found it in my panto drawer, and forgot I had it.  I love it!  I think it is called Bubbles by Hermione Agee.  

Thanks for stopping by!

The Next Generation of Male Quilters

Both of my grandsons love to run a sewing machine.  Each of them made a similar eye spy quilt, starting out by sitting on my lap, then standing in front of me, and finally advancing to sitting at the machine and running the foot pedal themselves.  The seam allowances weren’t perfect, but its okay!  My older grandson felt a bit funny by the time we finished, but I think I’ve got him turned around so he knows it’s not just a girl thing. 

Here is Devin, and the back of his quilt has pheasants and hunting dogs printed on the fleece.

Here is Landon, and his backing fleece is of fish and fishing poles.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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