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I am back to blogging!

I just moved my blog from blogger to this new wordpress site, and it couldn’t have been easier.  Yes for wordpress!




A Major Milestone in My Life!

Over the past few years I’ve been studying quilt shows and show quilts; studying winning quilts and non-winning quilts.  The desire to enter a quilt into a national show has been growing bit by bit.  This quilt didn’t start out as a show quilt, but as I worked on it,  and I spent many, many hours more on this quilt than any other, I thought why not now?  I am the type of person who likes to challenge myself.  I don’t enjoy just stitching fabric together so much anymore.  So, I finally made the leap.

I decided to enter this into MQX because I’ve heard that their show was one of the best, and its focus is the machine quilting.  I also thought I’d take advantage of the Emerging Entrants category since it won’t always be able to do so.  I was so shocked to see that my quilt was getting an award, and then as I watched the live awards presentation on Facebook, I was stunned to hear my name called last for first place!!  

I named this quilt Made in Voyage because it’s my first attempt at a national show, and the fact that I made it over the course of, say, 18 months while traveling back and forth between Montana and California.  It is all done with my hand-guided longarm.  Most of the blocks are paper pieced.  I added some needleturn appliqué in the borders, and piped binding.  After I finished it, while it was drying during the blocking process, it bled!  Oh no!  Thankfully I had read articles by Vicki Welch and Margaret Gunn on how to fix the bleed.  Dawn dish soap to the rescue!  

Well, thanks for following me to my new page!

Loving Life

I’m still limping along with blogger, but posting here is becoming more and more cumbersome.  It just doesn’t like to work with my iPad, or my photos, but I’m persistent.     Life is good!  I’ve not been able to complete many projects that I can show at this time, but I’ve started plenty.  We’ve been doing a lot of traveling, too.  

The picture above  is one of the big Montana sky.  

This one is the view from our condo at Bear Lake in Utah.  So much snow this year!

This piece is a sample of playing around with paintsticks.  Meh.

A beautiful sunset from our room in Morro Bay.  I added a filter with my phone.  

Change in Venue

I’m stitching from our place in California now, and I find it’s easier to finish things because I don’t have all the distractions of my other life with grandkids, kids, longarm, quilt guilds, etc.   this is the second of four eye spy quilts my grandkids and I have started.  Two of them have the same busy sashing to make it harder to ‘spy’ and the third will have more of a solid sashing because I ran a it of this polka dot fabric.  I don’t want to buy more fabric, and didn’t bring much with me to CA.  
Before I left Montana, I was busy blocking, binding and bleeding a quilt.  Oh, my, that was scary.  All that work only to find that the red had bled all over the white. Well, thankfully for Vicki Welsh Publishing an article on bleeding a quilt, I followed her directions and it worked beautifully.  
Here are the foam boards I tacked the quilt to.
The quilt is soaking in a hot bath of Dawn dish detergent.  
I’m still struggling with publishing to this google blog from an Apple product, so my posts are few and far between.  One day I’ll have to make the leap to a wordpress platform…Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope all is well in your world.


Challenging Myself

For 2017 I have challenged myself to accomplish 12 tasks.  Not to finish UFOs, or to make 12 quilts, but to accomplish 12 things.  

In no particular order, this is my list:

  1. Finish the modern quilt design I started, piece and quilt it.
  2. Dye Fabric
  3. Use one piece of silk I purchased last year.
  4. Finish one of the wholecloth designs I started, mark it and stitch it out.
  5. Use Derwent pencils on something
  6. Use Paintsticks on something
  7. Design and  complete the challenge quilt for Big Sky Quilt Retreat
  8. Use EQ7 to design a simple quilt
  9. Bind, Block and Remove Bleed from quilt.
  10. Use new panto on a UFO
  11. Use new panto on a UFO
  12. Finish grandkids eye spy quilts
  13. Make a charity/comfort quilt from stash.
  14. Make a charity/comfort quilt from stash.
  15. Use class notes from Sue Heinz’ class to stitch on a quilt.
  16. Stitch some gridded fills on a quilt.


A couple weeks ago I was coloring with my grandkids.  They wanted me to doodle something that they could color.  This is the piece I kept for myself.  Ironically it’s the same colors of the fabric that I purchased last!          

And then to make it even more ironic, I rarely design a quilt in which the predominant colors are reds, (okay, one time I made a red and site quilt for a fundraiser) and I just painted over all the red in our house and replaced it with gray. (See all the red and gray in my colored doodle?)
New paint colors 
 This picture was from the real estate listing before we bought the home.

  I guess all the painting made a lasting impression on me, huh? 

See, we really are influenced by the colors around us!  I hope you’re having a great start to a new year, and I just may need a reminder to follow your blog.  If you are reading this, take a moment to comment so I can check out your blog.   

I Have to Start Somewhere

My new journal home…I’m starting at the end of the year.  Hopefully 2017 will be a productive year for me.

Inspiration and Blogger Issues

First, I have to vent.  I sure hope that this app will allow me to post.  I’ve been trying for weeks!  I am trying a new mobile app to start logging again since my blogger app keeps crashing, and my blog has been linked to Google plus.  Since Google hijacked my blog, I cannot add photos.  I can’t post from Internet explorer, either.  That might be because I am an Apple user?  When it asks me to choose a place to get my photos, none of the options work.  So frustrating.  Do you experience problems posting to your blogpost blog with Apple devices?
Now, getting back to blogging about quilty things!  I haven’t finished anything lately.  I have many irons in the fire, and many quilts in various states of completion, but nothing I can show right now.  
This picture shows some Kona solids I pulled from the shelf to see how they might work in a new quilt.  
This was my inspiration I pulled from Pinterest.    

I have been so busy.  I’m still playing my guitar, and have found a fabulous teacher.  He has really motivated me to practice a lot.  Yesterday I spent a couple hours transcribing one verse.  It doesn’t come naturally to me, but I guess it doesn’t matter.  I am enjoying myself.  
Well, let’s hope this post actually works!  Thanks for stopping by!


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