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That’s Life

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I’m finally able to share this quilt. My daughter challenged me to design a quilt that resembled a heart beat, and I took her up on her challenge! I wanted it to represent life’s ups and downs, with both the colors, the design and the quilting. Someone made a comment on my Facebook page that said exactly what I felt. They commented that my quilting went from chaotic to calm. That is exactly what I wanted my quilting to represent; complicated, stressful, smooth, easy, rough, simple, etc.

I finished this quilt the night before I had to ship it, so I don’t have good daylight pictures yet. I’m looking forward to getting some better shots of the entire quilt in the daylight.

I began the process a year ago, drafting it on graph paper. I tried several software programs, but ended up doing it the old fashioned way. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to determine how to piece it. After I asked some of my quilty friends for advice, it was recommended that I paper piece it. Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?

After it was 80% pieced, life happened, and we moved houses, and did a lot of renovating and traveling. In January I loaded the quilt onto my Innova longarm, and spent countless hours on the quilting design and implementation. I used several methods of design. I used my iPad and some apps for drawing, I printed a picture of the quilt and used tracing paper to audition designs, and I used dry erase markers on plexiglass. Finally I put needle to fabric and just started.

While I didn’t receive an award from judges at MQX, I did receive a faculty award from Karlee Porter, author, teacher, and designer. I felt like I had won the most prestigious award ever! I was so thrilled!!

Thanks for stopping by.


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