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A Major Milestone in My Life!

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Over the past few years I’ve been studying quilt shows and show quilts; studying winning quilts and non-winning quilts.  The desire to enter a quilt into a national show has been growing bit by bit.  This quilt didn’t start out as a show quilt, but as I worked on it,  and I spent many, many hours more on this quilt than any other, I thought why not now?  I am the type of person who likes to challenge myself.  I don’t enjoy just stitching fabric together so much anymore.  So, I finally made the leap.

I decided to enter this into MQX because I’ve heard that their show was one of the best, and its focus is the machine quilting.  I also thought I’d take advantage of the Emerging Entrants category since it won’t always be able to do so.  I was so shocked to see that my quilt was getting an award, and then as I watched the live awards presentation on Facebook, I was stunned to hear my name called last for first place!!  

I named this quilt Made in Voyage because it’s my first attempt at a national show, and the fact that I made it over the course of, say, 18 months while traveling back and forth between Montana and California.  It is all done with my hand-guided longarm.  Most of the blocks are paper pieced.  I added some needleturn appliqué in the borders, and piped binding.  After I finished it, while it was drying during the blocking process, it bled!  Oh no!  Thankfully I had read articles by Vicki Welch and Margaret Gunn on how to fix the bleed.  Dawn dish soap to the rescue!  

Well, thanks for following me to my new page!



  1. I saw it’s at MQX and loved it. I didn’t put two and two together with your name and your blog name. Very nicely done and a big congratulations.


  2. billiemick says:

    You quilt and quilting are stunning! Congratulations!


  3. Fabulous Mary! It is a beautiful quilt!


  4. Carole S. says:

    I enjoyed your post, and your quilt is beautiful. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog?


  5. Jackie Moore says:

    Looking forward to following you on your new adventure.


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